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Delivery time & shipping costs

After how many days will my order be delivered?

pijltje Rule of thumb

> during public holidays or in a holiday month (such as December): add a maximum of 9 (working) days to the day of the order.

> during normal periods add between 3 and 6 (working) days to the day of the order.

> working days are all days except weekends and public holidays.

Of course you are very curious when your order will be delivered to you, all orders will be shipped from our large warehouse (40.000 m2) in Valencia (Spain). We ship to all countries in Western Europe, including the Scandinavian countries.

Have you still not received your order after the delivery time indicated above?

> Do NOT call us, but send an e-mail message to instead,

> Do not forget to mention the order reference (with the 9 capital letters)!


How is the buyer informed about the progress of the order process?

There are several steps in the settlement process of which the buyer is notified.

1) payment accepted: the invoice will be sent as an attachment with the confirmation email.

2) the preparation process has started: the invoice will be sent (again) with the confirmation email

3) the package has been packed and the carrier selected by the buyer has been requested to collect the package: the confirmation email will be sent without attachments. An initialed packing slip ("picking list") is included during packing. This packing slip is required for any damage reports.

Given the bulk transport contracts that have been concluded with approximately 50 transport companies, carriers will come to collect the order no later than the day after the collection request.

> The track & trace code is issued directly (digitally) at the time of the collection request. This code is only visible to the buyer about a day after the order has actually been collected.

That has everything to do with the carrier's own administration.

The track & trace codes can be requested from us via and NOT by telephone.

We need 2 working days in busy times, such as during holidays and crisis periods, to transfer an order to carriers.


Delivery time

We carefully do our best to deliver the order to you as soon as possible. We try to ship orders that are placed and paid on working days before 12 noon on the same day (shipping time). However, we do not always succeed in achieving this, sometimes products are not in stock and then the delivery of your order may take a little longer. Due to busy traffic, the shipping time can be up to 2 days (48 hours). On the order page you can estimate the delivery time (shipping time + transport time) yourself. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to meet this delivery time, we will of course inform you as soon as possible.

Our central warehouse is located in Valencia (Spain), from where we ship via 50 international transport services throughout Western Europe.


Shipping time / preparation time ("dispatch"): we need this time to process your order and transfer it to the transport service: 24/48 (working) hours. The logistics department is closed on weekends and public holidays. Working days: Monday to Friday (24/24), excluding public holidays in Spain.

Transport time: this is determined by the transport service that the buyer chooses for shipment. Normally between 4 and 10 days (this may take longer due to the Brexit). The transport service determines whether work is performed during public holidays and weekends.

Delivery time: the time required to deliver an order, calculated from the order: in other words delivery time = shipping time + transport time. (on average between 5 and 12 days)

Shipping costs

The stated (sales) prices do not include shipping costs.

The amount of the shipping costs depends on the carrier (normal or urgent) that you select on the order (/ payment) page, the dimensions and the weight of the order. The shipping costs are immediately made visible to you after choosing a carrier.

Delivery takes place via the postman or parcel deliverer (transport service / carrier) of your choice. In general, the delivery will take place between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the moment of delivery. Weekends and public holidays and strikes can affect the speed of delivery.